As the cost of "Sick"care skyrockets so to do the cost associated with every aspect of the sick care industry (insurance premiums, co-pays, pharmaceutical drugs, sick leave, etc.). The time to act and take care of ourselves while jealously guarding our health has come. We can no longer afford to hand over our health or our wealth to others and hope to live happy, productive lives. The goal of this blog is to wade through some of the more mundane as well as a few sensational health issues that affect us today and how to get over them.

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Healthy Liver Equals A Healthy You Update!

We have come to the end of the first cleansing cycle for our livers. It is certain that this juice combination is powerfully strong and invigorating. If you have followed along I'm sure you agree. I'm also sure you would agree that it takes a bit of getting used to because of its potency.

Still our liver health is certainly worth the cleanse. Just think of these powerful natural juices coursing through your liver to help re-energize and tone the organ that is so vital to our health and well being. Help your body power away the impurities and fatty deposits that have built up over time from poor eating habits, smoking, alcohol use and prescription drug use. Of course there are other ways to cleanse the liver with some being more pervasive than others. The current state of your health should be the determining factor as to how much, how long and how detailed your liver cleanse should be.

If you are seeing this post and have no idea about the liver cleanse that has been discussed allow me to refer you to "A Healthy Liver Equals a Healthy You" where all will be explained! Go in good health.