It is safe to say that most of the "news" relating to health we receive today is nothing more than cleverly disguised advertisements for various products or unhealthy modalities that aren't very good for you. Unfortunately this "news" is often the only side of the story we receive and because of this we can not make informed decisions. My prayer is that through a network of concerned persons we can present the "other side" of the story in a way that would educate and convict us so that a not-so- educated guess given by others becomes an informed decision made by you.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Diabetes: A 21st Century Scourge - The Ravages of Diabetes

So far we have discussed some of the causes of diabetes mellitus (aka Type II diabetes). Now it is time to look at what diabetes does or can do to the body if reversal or proper mitigation is not undertaken (*Note: I did not use the word “management” purposefully which will be discussed later). Diabetes has a methodical way of slowly shutting down very important body processes. At first it is a silent thief roaming the body undetected causing painless harm. Later the harm becomes great enough to cause discomfort, outright pain or worse. The silent portion of the process can take years and could remain undiscovered for much of that time. The resulting complications are life changing.

Our Poor Eyes

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH) diabetes is one of the leading causes of blindness affecting 4.1 million adults in the U.S. The blindness is caused primarily by a condition called diabetic retinopathy. One of the most devastating aspects of diabetes is how it affects blood flow and circulation. As blood flow to the retinas decrease due to diabetes the body attempts to compensate by creating new blood vessels. Unfortunately these blood vessels tend to be weak and they rupture. Bleeding in the retina obstructs vision and the laser treatments used to stop the bleeding often destroys portions of the retina. Retinal hemorrhaging and treatments for it can separately or in combination cause permanent blindness.  

On Pins and Needles

Circulatory issues figure prominently with Type II diabetes. It can cause blindness and it can also cause another condition called neuropathy. Neuropathy occurs as blood vessels that supply the peripheral nervous system begin to weaken. The peripheral nerves, starved of nourishment, begin to degenerate creating pain. At first it could feel like being pricked by pins and needles as numbness begin to set in. A downward spiral ensues with ever decreasing circulation causing ever increasing pain.

Ulcers and Infections

Foot ulcers, because of poor or insufficient blood supply, can become a common problem. Blood vessels have the tendency to become clogged in diabetics especially in the extremities robbing them of nourishment and proper attention from the immune system. No nourishment causes tissues to degenerate causing ulcers. In addition, simple cuts or bruises can result in life threatening infections. Both conditions can lead to the onset of gangrene and require amputation of the infected limb. There are approximately 185,000 amputations per year in the U.S. with more than half of those (54%) attributed to vascular diseases (either diabetes or peripheral arterial disease). Diabetics are cautioned to take good care of their feet paying close attention to them. Most practitioners would advise diabetics to never go barefoot and to keep their feet warm, dry and clean.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Diabetes: A 21st Century Scourge - Causes of Diabetes Continued

As we continue to discuss the causes of diabetes there are two significant contributors that must be discussed. Seldom mentioned in most dialogue regarding this scourge are the massive amounts of medications that is consumed the world over and the staggering result of unmitigated stress on our bodies.


Watch most any pharmaceutical commercial and you will likely notice that about 20 seconds of a 30 second commercial is about all the terrible things the medicine may do to you. Of those 20 seconds a few sound something like this: “Be sure to tell your doctor if you have a liver condition or poor liver function” or “Liver test may be necessary to check liver function”. There are a multitude of reasons why these pronouncements are important but for the sake of this article we will stick with the diabetic angle.

Poor liver function is a death sentence. This may sound ominous and a bit over the top but consider what the liver does (e.g. cleanse the blood, regulate metabolism) and the picture becomes clear. A Poor liver leads to a poor life and possibly diabetes. Medications can slow liver function by creating the need for continuous cleansing of highly toxic substances. These substances may be specifically toxic to the liver breaking down cellular function which decreases the organ’s efficiency.

Also, some medications can actually slow down metabolic processes in the liver causing it to become fatty and sluggish. A fatty liver has great difficulty controlling fasting glucose levels. A fatty liver also increases the incidence of insulin resistance. It is estimated that some 80% of people suffering from Type II diabetes have fat in their liver.


When it comes to silent killers stress, in my opinion, is second only to inflammation. Chronic stress is a major health issue these days and it comes from multiple sources. Family and other relationships, traffic jams, even video games can induce stress responses in the body. One of the chief responses is elevated cortisol levels. Cortisol is released into the blood stream to give the body a boost of energy to accommodate the “fight or flight” response to stressful situations by increasing blood glucose levels. When cortisol is constantly released it increases blood glucose constantly and insulin resistance is not far behind because the cells do not actually need the energy. Once insulin resistance sets in Type II diabetes rears its hideously ugly head.

In addition, because the body does not actually need to fight or run the extra glucose in the blood stream has to go somewhere. That is when the body produces visceral and abdominal fight to store the unused glucose. This type of fat is extra special and not in a good way. It tends to adversely affect the metabolism essentially becoming its own endocrine system and affecting the hormones that either stimulate or decrease hunger. The net effect is a downward spiral alternating between unmitigated stress, increased abdominal and visceral fat, and increased appetite. All this leads to continuous elevated blood glucose levels and increased insulin resistance. Combined with the cumulative effect of chronic stress we are left with nothing short of diabetic trouble.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Diabetes: A 21st Century Scourge - Causes of Diabetes

Where and how does one of the most prolific medical scourges of the 21st century begin? Let's start at the table. Whether that be at home, work or your favorite restaurant what we put on it can sometimes be the beginning of the end. Our sugar laden, artificial and bleached foods combined with an abundance of alcoholic drinks, prescriptions and over the counter medications has helped to establish what is and continues to be a tragic epidemic on a global scale.

Artificial Sweeteners - The Zero Calorie Killer

Along with diabetes artificial sweeteners are linked to other adverse health conditions including weight gain. It is one of the most insidious food additives on the market today. The sweeteners cause spikes in blood insulin levels. How is this possible? The body is wired to prepare for the introduction of carbohydrates since carbs are the chief and most energy efficient forms of fuel. When artificial sweeteners wash over the tongue the brain signals the body to prepare for sugar intake. But this is no normal preparation. Consider the fact that artificial sweeteners are up to 300% sweeter than regular sugar. The body thinks it is getting tons of it which drives insulin production sky high. The cells in the body continuously seeing insulin in the bloodstream for seemingly no reason begin to build a sensitivity towards it thus the term insulin sensitivity. This is not the only way cells become sensitive to insulin but it is one of the main reasons. To add insult to injury what blood sugar is in circulation gets swept up by the excess insulin driving blood sugar levels low. The low blood sugar levels are detected by the body and triggers the production of a hormone called ghrelin. This hormone makes us feel hungry and usually we will eat. The weight gain trap is sprung as most people will alternate between artificially sweetened products (especially soda) and eating highly processed foods mostly unaware of the weight gain connection. Zero calorie foods tend to make people consume more calories of other foods and that is a killer both figuratively and literally.

These diabetes inducing sweeteners can be found in almost anything like: prescription medication, cough syrup, aspirin and other over-the-counter drugs, chewing gum, anything labeled 'sugar free', and drink powders to name a few.

Highly Processed Foods and Our Love Affair with Bleach

Walk down the aisle almost any grocery store and pick up a prepackaged item containing wheat. These would be your breads, cereals, cookies and pastas. Read the list of ingredients on the back. If it is not organic some of the first words you will see are bleached or enriched. This is code for 'we have stripped the goodness out of this product and added what we think you would like to taste'. Why would anyone do this? To make us eat more and eat more often. Bleached and enriched foods undergo chemical processes that converts them from complex carbohydrates (good) to simple carbohydrates (really bad). Once this happens the producer of that food experiences an increase in profit because you will eat more of it and you will eat it more often. As their profits increase so does our waist lines and risk of diabetes. I am sure that there will be some who read this and decide this is a conspiratorial view but consider the chart from the previous article. As food distribution around the world increases (usually simple carbs) so too does the incidence of diabetes.

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS): Americans consume an astounding 60 lbs. of HFCS every year. What's so astounding about this? Consider the fact that fructose is metabolized in the liver into fat more readily than glucose. When bombarded with fructose all at once the liver becomes sluggish and fatty itself. Fatty livers usually precedes insulin resistance which can ultimately lead to the development and persistence of Type II diabetes. The reason Americans can consume 60 lbs. of HFCS on average is because it is found in many processed foods and is often one of the first three ingredients in a product. Some of the products include soft drinks, pancake syrup, yogurt, canned fruits, barbecue sauce, pasta sauce and fruit drinks that are not 100% juice just to name a few. HFCS is a metabolic nightmare that many of us are unaware of including diabetics. Are you or do you know someone who is diabetic or pre-diabetic? Have you or they ever been warned to stay away from HFCS? If not, please consider this a warning.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Diabetes: A 21st Century Scourge - Part I

The Introduction

Sadness is staring an avoidable tragedy in the face and blinking. Have you had the chance to ponder the chart above? In each block are a group of numbers representing various regions of the world. The number at the top of the box represents the number of known Type 2 diabetics as of 2003. The number under it is the projected number of diabetes cases in 2025 with the correlating percent increase under each. By 2025 it is projected that there will be a 62% increase in diabetic patients worldwide. The cynic in me says to invest heavily in diabetes medications and paraphernalia. The optimist in me says I should lend a hand. Digressing to my better nature and refusing to enrich myself on the backs of those who suffer by causing suffering I offer the beginning of my multi-pronged diabetes project (more information will be given on the project at a date sometime in the future). 

Sadness is also having to witness triple digit increases projected in parts of the world that are already stressed and void of much hope. It is interesting that shortages of the most basic needs (food, water, medical attention) in these areas abound but a metabolic syndrome often associated with indulgent eating or consuming way more sugar than the body can handle would become a scourge. More on this point and why it is happening in a later article. 

Type 2 diabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus, is a metabolic disorder that occurs when the cells in the body become so resistant to insulin that blood sugar levels can no longer be controlled by the body (this is a simplistic definition and will be expounded upon later). Often medical intervention is undertaken and treatment can include having to take insulin shots, prescription medications and the need to check blood sugar levels often. The American Diabetes Association estimated that diabetes treatment in the U.S. alone cost more than $245 billion in 2012. If price levels remain the same that would mean an increased expenditure of $140 billion bringing the total to $385 billion annually by 2025 just in the U.S.! That would be more than the GDP of the Federated States of Micronesia (in other words a small country).

Sadness surrounds us but it does not have to remain or persist. We have the power to change it and ourselves. There is a growing contingent of well informed and well-meaning people who are helping to either prevent the scourge of diabetes or bring balance to those who have the condition reversing it and freeing would be lifelong diabetics from their conditional prisons. Let the word go out, if it is not already known, that diabetes is a condition not a disease. It is not something you catch but something you develop and what is done can be undone no matter what the cynics and robbers of joy and health say.

This series will focus on some of the causes, health implications, and modalities concerning diabetes mellitus and is designed to offer and inspire hope for what is a seemingly overwhelming epidemic. Have faith, be strong and let us share this ride together!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Articles Published on Natural News

Life has been coming at me fast and furious these days which has left me little time to write articles. I have a new series in mind and I am gearing up to crank those out in addition to more rebuttals to articles I have found that make me scratch my head from their sheer gall and blatant misrepresentations.

With that being said I would like to offer a sampling of various articles I have written for Over the years I have written about many health related matters that did not necessarily make it to the blog. When time permits please click this hyperlink to the website. It will bring you to four pages that list my articles specifically. If you see something you like and you think it would make for a pretty good blog series let me know. In the meantime, read, discuss and share until your heart is content.

Peace, light and love....always.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Medical Conspiracies - Are We the Crazy Ones Part III

Over the past 10 -15 years you may have noticed an increasing trend in branding people as conspiracy theorist simply because they were saying or asking something that had not been verified by some authoritative figure or entity. The term has become so demeaning and hurtful in nature that no one wants to be called one for fear of being seen as delusional or in need of mental evaluation. Other than outright censorship I can think of no better way to stifle ideas, discourse and critical thinking. Perhaps that is the point. What happens to a society when critical thinking or critical questioning is no longer allowed? We get media outlets, government agencies even some teachers and church officials that tell us what to think and how to think and dare us to question it. Meanwhile, we slip down the slippery slope of the type of apathy that leads to man’s inhumanity to man going unchecked and extreme environmental degradation.

In the days of Enron the company had a thought provoking slogan and philosophy. It was simple: Ask why. We all know what happened to Enron and the irony is not enough people asked ‘why’ they were able to show wildly increasing profits without having to prove those profits existed. Another irony is that the one Wall Street analyst, John Olson, was considered crazy (read conspiracy theorist, nut) for suggesting something was wrong with Enron and eventually had to “move on” for his views. Not long after that the roof fell in at Enron exonerating that nut Olson all together causing 20,000 people to be laid off and drying up almost every dime of their pension fund while top executives took home millions in pay outs (man’s inhumanity to man).

If you question 9/11 you’re a nut. If you think vaccines may lead to autism you’re a nut. If you didn't think there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq you were a nut. The problem doesn't lie in the position of the person thinking these things. The problem is the lack of substantive, thoughtful and civil discourse. There is so much vitriol and mean spirited talk and it is all to stop the thought process. Our thoughts, along with reason and a healthy emotional and spiritual disposition, are precious commodities that, when used, form the basis of a well-functioning society that is not prone to exploitation, subjugation and an apathetic spirit.  Keep thinking. Keep asking questions no matter how absurd. Transparency leads to the naked truth and it is questions that takes its clothes off.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Medical Conspiracies - Are We the Crazy Ones? Part II

The time I have spent in law enforcement has taught me that every investigation begins as a conspiracy. Sometimes the case you are working on is found to be factual and sometimes it is not but at all times you must investigate if given cause (such as a report of a crime or a direct observation). The old adage "where there's smoke, there's fire" is a constant guide and driving force for getting to the bottom of a matter and it has served me well over the years.

It is no different when so called “medical conspiracies” arise and usually where there is smoke there is certainly fire. There have been many very real medical conspiracies that have taken place over the years. They take on many shapes and sizes but they all have the same thing in common: they were unbelievable until the truth was revealed. We will explore a few so you (and I) can be sure that we are not the crazy ones, indeed.

The “Conspiracies”

The Nigerian DrugExperiment: In 1996 one of the largest US based drug manufacturers, Pfizer, had a dilemma. It was sitting on what they believed would be a super antibiotic that would (or should) work on even the most aggressive bacteria. The problem was they needed to do some human testing on this highly experimental drug. It just so happened that a terrible outbreak of meningitis was underway in a tiny Nigerian village called Kano. The Pfizer doctors set up a tent not far from an aid station that was giving proven treatments and began administering their experimental drug. Unwitting parents desperate to get help for their children began to line up at “the other” aid station not knowing the drug was experimental because none of the doctors told them it was. About 100 children were given the drug and of that number 11 died and many others suffered permanent side effects such as brain damage, loss of hearing and organ failure. An 11% death rate from your test drug can be considered significant. The name of the drug used was Trovan which has been banned for sale in the EU and pulled off the market in the US.

The Tuskegee Experiment:  Covered in general in part I of this series the Tuskegee Experiment remains one of the most unbelievable stories of just how bad medical science can derail from the tracks of ethics. It is thought that this experiment is the single most damaging event that has caused a perpetual mistrust of the medical establishment in the eyes of the African-American community. In this experiment 600 African-American men were medically monitored to see how syphilis affected the men over time. The study was initiated in 1932 by the U.S. Public Health Service at the University of Tuskegee. There was ethical trouble right from the start because it was predetermined that the men “participating” in the study would not be treated for the disease. In fact, they were not told they had syphilis. The researchers simply told the men they were studying and being treated for “bad blood” which was understood by locals at the time as being just about any kind of illness or poor condition. To make matters worse only 301 men in that community had syphilis. 299 of the eventual 600 studied was intentionally infected with syphilis to carry out the study on a wider scale. The final ethical and moral indignity came during the 1940’s when it was determined that penicillin was a great treatment for syphilis. From the 1940’s to the end of the study in 1972 no treatment was given to any of the men many of whom died from the disease. The picture gets even dimmer when you consider the fact that these men unwittingly passed this disease on to their wives and lovers who also contracted the disease with some passing it on to their babies all under the supervision of US health officials. The only reason the experiment ended in 1972 was that it was leaked to the media. As for the men who lived and died unknowingly of this terrible disease they were given free burial insurance from the study’s inception which is as cold-hearted and vicious it seems.

Pharmaceutical PriceFixing and Altered Studies – GlaxoSmithKline: If you are a manufacturer and you have some of the most sought after products on the market then the sky’s-the-limit on profit margins but what if you want your profits to reach into outer space? The way to do it is by fixing the price and fixing it at exorbitant levels. Also, to insure your fixed price commands the payout expected you alter (lie) about the drug data submitted to the FDA to make your product seem nearly miraculous. Then you advertise that your drugs do things they are not designed to do to expand your market. That way no one asks why your product cost so much. But there can’t be companies out there like that especially when it comes to the medicines we supposedly need to support and maintain life, right? Unfortunately there is and its name is GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

In 2012 the company plead guilty to one of the largest medical fraud cases in US history and was ordered to pay $3 billion in fines. The charges stemmed from several different fraudulent practices. One of those practices was the marketing of Paxil, an anti-depressant, to people under the age of 18 even though it had only received approval for adult use. Also, they marketed Wellbutrin, a drug intended as an anti-depressant, for weight loss and treatment of sexual dysfunction which it had not been approved to do. Now you may be saying something like “it’s not surprising for a company to lie to get more money…there’s no real conspiracy in that”. We would be in marginal agreement except for the lengths GSK went through in order to get away with their practices. One particularly appalling example is that GSK would routinely give doctors illegal kickbacks in the form of vacations, pay additives per prescription and speaking honorariums for their duplicity in their fraudulent practices. Some of our trusted doctors helped GSK commit medical fraud against us with some going so far as to write papers in respected medical journals to give credence and credibility to their false claims.

The U.S. Army Gets a Pass– Consent to experiment on soldiers not needed: A case came before the US Supreme Court in 1985 involving Master Sergeant James Stanley who served in the US Army. His claim was that he was given, without his knowledge or consent, an experimental which is now known as LSD. Stanley complained of a change in his personality (for the worst), memory loss, hallucinations and incoherent thoughts as a result. The Supreme Court ruled that because he was a service man he did not have a right to claim injury and absolved the military of all past, present and future medical experiments with or without military personnel consent. Congress has attempted to redress this issue by creating a little known law called a “private law” which can provide relief from another law that is adverse to a person or corporation. What a minute. A law that can relieve you from another law? That’s very intriguing but I will digress for now. Another interesting point is that military medical experimentation was thoroughly addressed and condemned at the Nuremberg trials for Nazi party members and their crimes committed during World War II. Leading the charge to set up international condemnation and laws against it was the US. Ironic to say the least.

When these and countless other stories first came to light they and the people who reported them were dismissed as just another “conspiracy theory” or “conspiracy nut”. With the passage of time we forget that someone or a group of people was ceaselessly ridiculed until the truth gained enough traction to silence those who would want it kept from us. More thoughts on this in part III. For more accounts of medical conspiracies go to