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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Liquid Death: Diabetes and (Diet) Soda Consumption

Be assured that the title of this article is not too fine a point. It is also not intended to shock you in a 'reality TV' sort of way either but the reality is shocking. If you are diabetic, pre-diabetic or even if you are not this information is imperative to either reverse, mitigate, or prevent diabetes.

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Blood sugar levels

Most diabetics know to stay away from sugar laden consumables like soda but many pre-diabetics fail to heed the warning. One of the most dangerous aspects of diabetes is the fact that you cannot feel it creeping into your life. Soda increases insulin sensitivity because it contains anywhere between 10-15 teaspoons of sugar per 12 oz. The average American consumes approximately 21 oz. of soda daily. That much sugar entering the bloodstream in a relatively short period of time spikes insulin production and the real trouble begins. Soon the insulin begins knocking on cellular doors trying to usher in sugars that the cells most likely do not need and the cells reject the insulin. After years of seeing insulin show up with something it doesn't want the cells begin to automatically reject the insulin (thus insulin sensitivity). A combination of poor eating habits, little to no exercise and a lack of mineralization only serves to exacerbate the problem.

Chronic Inflammation

What happens to all that insulin and sugar that's rejected by the body? Well, it cannot be allowed to remain in the blood stream or it would begin to do major damage. Enter inflammation. Inflammation is the body's way of identifying trouble areas in the body and trigger the immune system. Once the immune system is activated triglycerides are released which captures the rogue insulin and stores it away in adipose tissue (aka fat). One of the most negative aspects of chronic inflammation is it fatigues the immune system and distracts it from other extremely important duties. Chronic inflammation can also lead to significant weight gain which is another hallmark of diabetes.

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Caffeine and Cortisol

Most sodas unless otherwise stated contain caffeine. Caffeine in small amounts (100-200 mg over the course of a day) is not harmful and could actually be of benefit to the body. Any more than 200 mg of caffeine and cortisol levels begin to rise significantly. This isn't much of a problem for those who exercise moderately on a regular basis but if you are sedentary or only exercise sporadically this may become an issue. 200 mg of caffeine can raise cortisol levels by 30% within an hour. Cortisol causes the liver and muscles to release stored glycogen and if it does not get used it gets stored as fat. This increases inflammation, weight gain and can ultimately lead to hormone imbalances. In this highly caffeinated world we live in it is easier than ever to over consume it.

The Diet Soda Deception

Here is an important fact I like to share with people especially those who are pre-diabetic. Diet soda is one of the worst things you can do to yourself. Notwithstanding a myriad of other reasons to not drink the stuff diet soda causes significant spikes in insulin. How? The body is hard wired to respond immediately to any influx of sugar. After all the glucose formed from carbohydrates is the body's chief source of fuel. When that super sweet tasting diet drink touches your tongue the body prepares for what it thinks is an inevitable surge in blood sugar levels by producing insulin preemptively. Considering that the artificial sweeteners most often used is up to 300% sweeter than table sugar the body produces a great bit of insulin. At this point the body is awashed with the hormone and it has nothing to do at all. Unfortunately, the blood cells will still see the insulin and think to themselves "There it goes again...that's why we reject it". The more the cells are chronically exposed to insulin the more it rejects it. Adding insult to injury the insulin must be dealt with as previously mentioned by activating the immune system. In addition these same diet drinks often contain caffeine and large amounts release cortisol and we know what happens next (see above)!

What now?

If you're diabetic or pre-diabetic stop or greatly curtail all soda consumption. These simple carbohydrate laden products are extremely detrimental to your health and can make reversing or managing diabetes near impossible. Remember: Wise choices lead to wise outcomes. Go in good health!

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